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Worley’s Cave History

worleys cave ah5Worley’s Cave  is located in Bluff City, Tennessee, and is the best natural spelunking spot this side of the Mississippi. It has over 4,000 feet of caverns and tunnels waiting to be explored on one of our Worley’s Cave Adventure Trips.

It is the second longest cave in East Tennessee and # 177 on the USA’s Longest Caves List (as noted here)

Worley’s Cave (also known as Morrell’s Cave/Morrill’s Cave) is well known for its historical significance during the Civil War when it was mined for saltpeter to make gunpowder. If you’re not familiar with saltpeter, you may be interested to learn more about how that works, check out this article on making gunpowder.


See amazing formations, columns, stalactites, and stalagmites while you are visiting Worley’s Cave. This is not your ordinary, walk-through cave with lights and handrails. Worley’s  is a living, wet cave in all its natural beauty. If you have never been before, you will need a guide.  We offer guided Worley’s Cave Adventure Trips that are affordable for the entire family, scout troop, or youth/college group.

Schedule a trip today and discover the wonder of the underworld at a constant, year-round 55 degrees – a great vacation adventure for any time or season!

Photos by Andrew Hardiman 

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